Hair care: Kiehl's

I've been a little obsessed with my hair for a while now, so these last few months have been about testing a variety of products to find the perfect one for me.
I knew the brand Kielhl's but I had never tried it before and I must say that I've finally found what my hair needed.

1.  Amino Acid Shampoo: for all types of hair. It has coconut oil which contains some good benefits for your hair, leaving it very very soft and clean.
2. Ultimate Thickening Shampoo: as my hair is really thin and delicate, this shampoo worked perfectly for me. It gives me volume and adds a nice shine to my hair too. When the clerk sold it to me, she told me that shampoo is also used by men and people who want their hair grow faster.
3.  Damage Repairing and RehydratingLeave-in Treatment: to start, it has a great fresh smell, you can use it everyday and doesn’t make my hair greasy at all. It repairs the weakest areas of the hair fiber, and makes you hair looks very healthy (I only apply this on the ends).
4. Olive Fruit Oil DeeplyRepairative Hair Pak: I’m very pleased with the results. It contains avocado oil, which is known for being the most moisturizing fruit oil; lemon extract, with vitamin C providing your hair a lot of light and, olive oil, is very beneficial for dry hair and split ends, it helps hydrate, protect and nourish the hair.


Fake tan review

I’ve never been a fan of fake tan. I tried one last year and I really liked it but didn’t get obsessed with it.
Today I’m doing a Xen Tan review cause after buying it again I started reading lots of positive commets everywhere.
My first thought regarding this tan is the smell like vanilla mmm.. J After applying it leaves my skin fresh and moisturised and it also dries within about 5 minutes so you can get dressed quickly and not spend the rest of the time feeling sticky and walking awkwardly.

But I also want to talk about the Avène self-tanning lotion which is a gradual tanning moisturizer that gives you a bit of colour and a nice glow. 
If you apply this gradual tanner at least twice or three times a week, it will make you feel happier and mainly, it will really make you glow and give you self-confidence.


Bye-bye summer...

 And finally, the summer’s over. But I have to say that this year I’m a little too excited for the autumn to start. I actually can’t wait to buy and break out all my autumn clothes! 

So I hope you all had a great summer! Here are some snaps from mine ;) 



Hello everyone! I'm finally back after a veeery long pause on the blog due to the hell of "2º de Bachillerato" (last year of school). Thankfully it's all over and now it's turn to enjoy the summer more than ever! I also want to announce that next year I will finally study what I like the most (apart from fashion): Advertising and PR.

Hope you've all had a good summer so far! xx